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Precise and Easy Automatic Hole Pipe Cutter
This unique AHC-600 is ideally suited for cutting high precision T-joint circles including any hole that crosses the side of the pipe for piping systems, high pressure vessels and heat exchanges. It is a compact design, light weight and easy to operate. In addition to cutting circles and bevel in flat plate, the machine can cut a vessel from the inside or outside.

Features & Benefits:
Automatic Oxy Fuel Pipe Cutter
-Automatically bevel cuts or straight cuts holes into pipe.

H-Lever Handle:
- The up/down interlock unit employs a trigonometry function generating mechanism to ensure higher bevel accuracy than conventional crank mechanism, very easy to set up with just two adjustments. 

Rotating Gas Manifold
- Keeps hoses from becoming tangled

On/off Drive Clutch
-Position cutting tip accurately and quickly

Flat Circle Bevel Cutting
-Can be used to cut circles in flat plate with a bevel edge.

Model: AHC-600
Product Code: K153/270
Input Voltage: AC240V, 50Hz
Cutting Thickness: 5- 50mm
Cutting Speed: 0.14-1.2rpm
Cutting Shape: I,V (<=45)
Cutting Diameter: 80- 600mm
Vertical Torch Stroke: 0 -96mm
Ratio between hole UD and main pipe ID: >=1/2
Dimension: 1060 x 560 x 820,,
Weight: 49Kg


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